Hot Filling Line

2L Juice Hot Filling Machine
Hot Juice Filling Machine
Hot Filling Spraying Cooling Tunnel
Hot Filling Bottle Tilting Sterilization Chain


Hot Filling Line

Application:Tea、juice、functional drink、milk beverage etc.Applied Containers:Heat-resistant PET bottles with various capacities and shapes.Filling SystemMechanical valve or Flow-Meter Valve.


Product’s scope:Blowing molding system,Air compressor system,Filling system,Purification system,Caps sterilization system,Sterile air system,Bottle tilting chain and Cooling tunnel, Filled bottle conveying system,Labeling machine,Carton/Film packing machine,Palletizer,Electric control,Engineering design and Construction.

Our juice, tea drink filling machine is an automatic liquid packing machine which perfectly combines bottle washing machine, pressure filling machine and capping machine. In addition to juice and tea, this filling machine can also be used to fill non-carbonated liquid like water.

Empty bottles are conveyed to the rinsing machine by an air conveyor, then be turned over and washed inside by the nozzles. After dripping, bottles are fed into the filling machine for high quality filling. At last, safe and reliable capping is performed by the capping machine.


1、All parts in contact with liquid are manufactured by superior stainless steel so as to meet the related food hygiene requirements.

2、The adoption of pressure filling method helps our juice, tea drink filling machine accomplish high filling speed, high filling precision and great filling quality.

3、Bottles are conveyed by the air conveyor, transported by clipping the bottle neck and put out by normal conveyor chain. Thus, it is easy to change bottle size.

4、3-in-1 monoblock greatly shortens the process of washing, filling and capping, which can effectively reduce product pollution and help keep the machine clean and sanitary.

5、High efficiency of this filling machine results in low production cost.







我们的果汁、茶饮料灌装机是一种全自动液体包装机,它完美地结合了洗瓶、压力灌装机和压盖机。除了果汁和茶之外,这个灌装机还可以用来填充非碳酸液体,比如水。 空瓶子通过空气输送器传送到清洗机,然后由喷嘴将其翻转并清洗。滴水后,瓶子被送入灌装机,以获得高质量的灌装。最后,安全可靠的封盖是由压盖机完成的。










Spraying Cooling Tunnel

The system uses hot water showering for sterilization and gradual cooling with 5-section treatment. It equips automatic chlorine dosing pump which can adjust chlorine dosing quantity according to water supply volume. Hot water is produced by steam heating device. The used water flows into water flume in the machine base and recycled by showering pump for using again. If the hot water temperature does not reach preset temperature value, it will be heated again by heating device. If hot water exceeds the preset temperature (the cooling water has been heated by heat of the bottles), it will be conveyed by recycle pump to cooling tower outside of workshop and cooled for reuse.


该系统采用热水喷淋杀菌和逐步降温冷却的三段式处理。设备配置有自动加氯泵,可根据补水量调节加氯量。热水由蒸汽加热装置 产生,使用后的水流入机架水槽,由喷淋泵循环使用。若热水温度达不到设 定温度,由加热装置再对其适当加温。若热水温度超过设定温度(该冷却用水已经被瓶内的热量升温),则由循环泵送至车间外的冷却塔(由用户自 备)冷却后再循环使用。