Gallon & Barrel Filling Machine

5 Gallon Filling Line
5 Gallon Palletizer
5 Liter Rotary Washing Filling Capping Machine



Gallon & Barrel Filling Machine

Application: Mineral water and other bottled water etc. Applied Containers: 5 Gallon, 3 Gallon PC or PET barrels. Filling System: Mechanical Valve or Flow-Meter Valve.

Capacity: 300-3,000BPH.

5 Gallon, 3 Gallon Filling features advanced technology, newly design, reliable performance, easy operation, scientific process and good sanitary conditions. The complete production line combines empty bottles conveying, internal bottle pre-washing, automatic de-capper, external bottle washing, bottle feeding, bottle discharging, internal and external bottle washing, filling, cap application, cap pressing, lamp inspection, shrink film, bagging machine and product water. The fully automatic intelligent production and strict control for the whole production process can ensure that the water filling machine meets state hygiene standards and regulations during the complete washing and filling process.

1、Conveying System

Chain: straight chain or curve chain Description: The conveying system connects different machines in the whole barreled water production line. The speed of conveyor can be adjusted to meet different production capacity.

2、Cap Feeding System

The wind cap feeder is an automatic cap feeding device which consists of cap conveying section and air supply purifying section. The caps in the cap magazine fall down through the vibration of the vibrator and are blown along the pipe line by the air blower to the feeding funnel, from which the caps slide down to the cap handler in the direction of spiral. The cap handler is equipped with a photoelectric sensor to detect caps. When caps in the handler are insufficient, the photoelectric sensor sends out signal and the air blower starts up, the solenoid valve of the vibrator opens, and cap conveying starts again. When the amount of caps in the cap handler reaches the given quantity, the vibrator stops while the air blower continue working for 1 second to blow away the left caps in the pipe line.