Aseptic Filling Line

36000BPHAseptic Lactic Acid Filling Line
5000BPH 1L Aseptic Coconut Milk Filling Line


弊社は海外先進技術を参考した上で、PET無菌充填生産ラインを開発し、充填飲料、包装環境及び包装容器は無菌環境下で充填が行えるシステムです。ボトル減菌には、信頼できる減菌方式使用、ボトル及びキャップ減菌、ボトル及びキャップの無菌を確保し、COP,SOP方式で設備内部及び外部表面を洗浄及び減菌、無菌空気で充填環境を圧力をかけ、100級洗浄環境実現、CIP及びSIP使用、パイプに洗浄及び減菌させます。UHT減菌後の飲料は汚染されないことを確保し、最終な飲料は商業的な無菌レベルに達します。充填バルプの定量計量は国際的一番先進電子計量システム使用、充填精度を大きく高めます。 無菌充填業界でトップレベルです。PROFIBUS総合ライン操作技術使用、各単一設備繋がり通信を実験し、総合ライン運行状態をオンラインで実現します、故障通知、自動抑えるレベルを極大的上がり、人工ミス操作可能性が下がります。

Aseptic Filling Line

Our aseptic cold filling line adopts aseptic isolation technology to ensure the asepsis of filling material, packing environment and packaging containers. Reliable sterilizing method is used to sterilize empty bottles and caps. In addition, the utilization of COP and SOP ensures the asepsis of the equipment inside and outside surface and the adoption of aseptic compressed air ensures the positive pressure of filling environment for clean room environment. What's more, CIP cleaning and SIP sterilizing are used to clean and sterilize the material pipeline, which prevents the material sterilized by UHT from being polluted, thus ensuring the asepsis of final products.

Application: Tea, juice, functional drink, neutral products etc.

Applied Containers: PET bottles with various capacities and shapes.

Filling System: Non-Contact Flow-Meter Valve.

Capacity: 12,000-36,000BPH.

Product’s scope: Blowing molding system, air compressor system, disinfectant preparation, COP, SOP, CIP, SIP, UHT, sterile materials reserve, pure steam generator, purification system,filling system, sterility isolator, caps sterilization system, sterile air/water preparation, filled bottle conveying system, labelling machine, carton/film packing machine, palletizer, electric control, engineering design and construction.


1、Our aseptic cold filling line is modularly constructed for great flexibility. It combines the dumping machine, rinser, filler and capper into one unit, and the part above the table-board is full closed by shielding can.

2、The rinsing machine can wash the inside and outside of the empty bottle by aseptic water. Dripping is also available.

3、The use of non-contact filling valve effectively prevents second pollution.

4、The imported electronic weighing sensor of filling valve ensures high measuring precision and makes it convenient to adjust product variety.

5、Transmission part of capping plunger chip uses heat shield device to effectively separate the pollution zone and clean zone.

6、The adoption of magnetic constant torque capping head helps ensure capping quality.

7、Our aseptic cold filling line is equipped with centralized lubrication system.

8、Automatic control of CIP and SIP operations is realized.